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Sunday Funday.

Hello and happy Sunday y’all.  Hope everyone had (and is having) a nice weekend.

And let me start by saying thank you.  Seriously, thank you.  I can’t tell you how much the support and feedback I received from my last post meant to me.  I’m so glad I was able to connect with some of you who have maybe never felt comfortable sharing your story.  If I helped you at all, I reached my goal. And if I can continue to help you in any way, I’m here. Always.

Now, back to the weekend shenanigans…

I had a great weekend and wanted to share with you some of its memories. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday I had to work for part of the day. Womp womp womp…  Fortunately, we recently received a few kittens we are caring for in hopes that they will eventually get adopted.

The little guy (pictured below) loves to stick his head in the food bowl and his brother enjoys licking the food off of his head… hence, the “Benjamin Button/Yoda” look.  How cute is that?


When I came home from work Saturday, Mr. Buddy wasn’t feeling so great. 😦 He was projectile vomiting everywhere. 😦  It made for one worried momma.  Luckily, after a few hours, he started to act like himself again.  Thank goodness.


Sunday morning Bryan and I went for a nice, long Florida “hike” – you can’t really call anything in Florida a hike, it’s more like a walk. 🙂


One thing I started noticing on our “hikes” is that Bryan is always looking up – for birds, and I’m constantly looking down – for snakes, tortoises and lizards.

I guess this means we cover all areas…


We went to Riverbend Park and it was beautiful.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, the atmosphere was perfect.  It was a great day.



Bryan hates when I take pictures, so sometimes I have to sneak them. 🙂

The trail ended at the Loxahatchee River.  We have kayaked there a few times but this was our first time hiking there. Originally, I hadn’t intended on swimming so I didn’t come prepared with a swimsuit…

That didn’t stop me from getting in…


How could I resist?

I came home and decided to relax. 🙂


The pups did too…



Savor those weekends my friends. They are simply the best.




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