Weekend Pictures.

Hello. Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far.

Do you ever wonder why we wish for the week to go by quicker?  We all long for those weekends…

In a sense, it’s almost sad. I mean, essentially we are wishing for time to go faster…which, in the long run, means we are wishing our lives away…

Sad. But true.  

And I admit, I do it too.

I love my days off…

Who wouldn’t when they are filled with moments like this…


And this…


(Side note: this dog would spend hours in the sun if she had the chance…she has the sunspots to prove it).

Oh, and wait for it…

Camera 1…


Camera 2…


Camera 3 = mom, leave me alone, I’m trying so sleep here.


And Baxter for the win…

Sleeping sucker punch to the face.


Okay, okay, it’s hard not to wish for work days to pass, when you spend your days off with this ridiculousness. 🙂

But in the meantime, try to enjoy your work week.




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