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Days Off.

Let me start by saying I meant to post this on Wednesday…

It’s now Saturday afternoon – this should give you an idea of how the week has been. The good news is, I had a day off this week and it was WONDERFUL.

What do y’all do on your days off?

I have to admit, I’m not very good at just resting.  Very rarely can I ever spend a full day doing nothing.  Of course, I’ve had my days where I plopped my butt on the couch and watched Netflix all day, who hasn’t? I’m just saying it’s rare.

Especially when Bryan has the day off too.

And last Tuesday, we both didn’t have to clock in for work so we went exploring – what we do best.


Okay, this isn’t Bryan and me exploring.  But I had to share this photo because this was the reaction I got when I told these two munchkins that I was leaving for the day – it’s almost as if they are trying to say, “really mom, you’re leaving us again?”


We went kayaking at Riverbend Park.  We love this place.  It’s nearly 10 miles of hiking/biking trails, 7 miles of equestrian trails and 5 miles of canoeing/kayaking trails allow for hours of enjoyment. It’s the “beauty of old Florida” if you will. 🙂



Bryan pondering if he’s going to dive in or not…

Minutes later, we both got in of course. 🙂


Beautiful isn’t it?


We spotted an osprey nests with two chicks attempting to fledge.


This is Bryan calling to them.  One of them responded by peering over the nest to look at him, then it called back to him.

Moments like this make my heart happy.

What makes your heart happy?


Three very brave yellow-bellied sliders – they usually jump right into the water when anyone passes by, but not these three…


Bryan enticing a small squirrel with some crackers.


It worked.


After about 3 hours of kayaking we arrived home.  Famished of course.  So I made us nachos – hey we earned it. 🙂

Aren’t days off simply the best?

Better than all the rest.

Better than… okay, I’ll stop.


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