Mandy’s Monday Mantra. Life.

Do you ever wonder if you’re exactly  where you’re supposed to be in life?  Have you made the right decisions?  Are you surrounded by the right people?  Are in the right relationship?  Do you have the right job?

Or do you sometimes feel like you were faced with a fork in the road and you should have gone to the right but instead, you went left?

I’ve been going on a lot of walks lately – Bryan calls them power walkin’.  Well, I don’t really feel like I’m power walking, but these walks do give me some time to think.  And lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m at in my life. And comparing it to where I thought I would be as a 33 year old woman.

Side note: did you know that we have tens of thousands of thoughts each and every day? Some argue we have as many as 70,000 of them — passing through our minds, most of which we don’t even realize we’re thinking. They are either so passing, or so familiar, or so beneath our conscious understanding that they slip by without much notice.  Crazy right?  

I know comparing usually has a negative connotation, but let’s be real.  We ALL do it.  How many of us spend hours a day on Facebook comparing our lives to our friend’s list – when we haven’t even seen most of sed friends in years.

So, why do we care? It’s natural. But we should stop.

I know I’m trying to.

Okay, I got off my original topic…my B.

Redirecting back…

I wanna talk about…

LIFE.  The most ugly and the most beautiful thing in the universe.


As humans, we live the best way anything possibly can – by constantly making mistakes, constantly faltering, constantly changing our paths and directions in life, and constantly judging our each and every move. We live to blunder and to learn from our mistakes.

Making mistakes is important.  Because these mistakes makes us who we are.  They bring us a step closer to finding ourselves.  Everything in your life must have happened in order for you to even exist.

Every. Single. Thing.  You wouldn’t be the person you are if anything in your past were different.  Even those little (or big), unpleasant moments…

They have shaped you into who you are.  Who you were meant to be.

Think about that for a moment…

These are the things I’m trying to remember when I start feeling like I made a bad decision.

Here have been some of my thoughts:

1- That moment that you realize a broken heart has changed your life.  Forever.

A broken heart is one of the most debilitating, emotional experiences that many of us will ever go through.  It changes the fabric of your being and molds you into an entirely different person.

It’s a malicious, evil bitch. It has zero boundaries.  But the process of going through it makes you realize the strength you have inside of you.  You are capable of making your life as good as it can possibly be.

Then…just like that, your heart is mended.  It’s mended when you meet someone else.  Someone who makes you the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.  And you begin to trust who you are and what you feel.  Your strength is back.  Only, it’s stronger than ever before.

2- That moment when you realize that your “dream job” was perhaps never really your dream job at all…

This is a tough one for me.  One I’ve been struggling with for quite some time.

I recently left my job as a zookeeper to become a veterinary technician, and I’ve often pondered if I made the right decision – did I veer left when I should have gone right?  Did I give up my “dream job” too quickly? 

I can’t answer that.  But there was a reason that I made this decision.

It takes a lot of people a lot longer to arrive at their purpose in life.  And honestly, I’m not sure I’ve found mine yet.  That’s not my fault.  Often we fail at succeeding at our dream job because there is something more, something greater, waiting for us.

I’m still waiting…

And that’s okay.

3- That moment when you realize your best friends in life, really aren’t your friends at all.

My mom will be the first to tell you that I’ve had many friends in my life – throughout life, we go through more friends than we go through pairs of jeans. Most of the people we once thought would be there to support us forever will one day abandon ship and leave us to drown.

Realizing that someone who you once thought was your good friend is actually not even a friend at all is one of the most valuable lessons you’ll learn in your life. You’ll discover that not having any friends at all is better than having impostors.

And guess what?  You’ll learn to appreciate your true friends even more.


4- The moment you realize that being lost for so long was the only way to find the person you were meant to be.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was lost. I was lost for a very long time. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve discovered 100% who I was meant to be yet.  But I know that I’ve come a very long way and I’m headed in the right direction.

News flash: if you are never lost, then you can never be found.  At one point in our lives, we are all lost.

Accept that you are lost and then find your way through the fog.

One day, you will find the person you were meant to be and you will accept the necessity of your lengthy search.

And in order to do this, you must make mistakes.  You must veer left when you want to go right.  It’s all part of the process.

It’s all part of life.


I would love to hear your thoughts? Do you ever wonder if the decisions you’ve made have been the right decisions? Do you ever look back and wonder…”what if?”  Or perhaps you’re perfectly content where you are?











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