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Bryan is Away…Mandy Will Play. :)

Hello!  And happy Tuesday y’all!  How is everybody’s week going so far?  Too soon to tell?

Bryan has been away doing some “work” in the Bahamas (tough gig, eh?), so I’ve been spending my free time meeting up with friends for dinners and turtle walks, watching some new shows on Netflix (I can’t stop watching Grace & Frankie…have you seen it?), writing, cooking, reading, drinking wine, taking long walks, sunbathing, and hanging out with the munchkins of course. 🙂

As always, I wanted to share with you some of my pictures.


Wine selfie – I do love me some wine. 🙂  What’s your favorite kind?


Sunbathing with the pups – they usually last longer than me.  I get too damn hot in this Florida heat!



Baxter misses his dad – he hasn’t left my side since Bryan left last week.

Those ears though… 


Any guesses to what this is??? 

Side note: something you may not know about me is that I used to be terrified (I mean absolutely terrified) of snakes…I wouldn’t go near one.  But zoo school helped me get over that fear – I’m a changed woman!

Guess what? This isn’t actually a snake – tricked you. Teehee. It’s an Eastern Glass Lizard – a long, legless lizard that superficially resemble a snake.  I honestly didn’t even know that we had legless lizards here in Florida, so it was a treat to find one in our back yard yesterday.


One of my new favorite meals – french fries & roasted butternut squash! So simple and so delish!


A few weeks ago I asked Bryan if he was sick of guacamole… he said “no, not yet, but I’m getting there.” Ha!

I respect his honesty – it’s understandable considering I make it almost every day, but I will NEVER get sick of it so I’m loading up while he’s away. 🙂




(loggerhead tracks in the sand)



(A night heron trying to find his next snack…)

My friend Melissa monitors sea turtle nesting sites and keeps track of them throughout the season starting from when the mothers lay the eggs to when the hatchlings begin hatching.  She invites me along sometimes and I always love going!  We went on Monday morning and saw dozens of nests, giving me hope for the future of sea turtles – GO MOMMAS GO!  Unfortunately we also saw pounds and pounds of trash along the beach – which breaks my heart.  While we did pick up some of it, the amount that was left is almost unbearable.  I just don’t understand why or how this happens.

Oy vey. 😦

Okay…enough sadness…


We had a bad thunderstorm on Monday night and Mr. Buds hates storms…

Since Bryan is away, there was plenty of room for him to take comfort next to momma in the bed. 🙂

That face though… 

Okay, that’s enough for now. Hope everyone is having a good week!



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