How To's.

When Life Hands You Lemons…

When life hands you lemons…


What should you do with them?

Let me start by saying that I have a thing for lemons (limes too!).  It’s very rare that I don’t have a few lurking around in my refrigerator somewhere.  And lately, I’ve been trying to find more creative ways to use them.

Lemons are not only packed with Vitamin C, they are also detoxifying for the body and are said to contain cancer fighting compounds.

So today, my mission is to compile a list of the many ways to use lemons.


Let’s get started…

1 – Freshen the air in your house.  

That’s right! Put down the spray can! Despite their convenience, many air cleaners have toxic chemicals that can have lasting, long-term consequences for your health. Boo to that.  Here is a natural, not to mention inexpensive alternative: Simmer a half dozen lemon slices and a handful of cloves in a pan of water. This eliminates odors in your home, leaving the air lemony fresh!  And toxin free!

2- Forget the bleach.

Fill a large pot with water, add a few lemon slices, and bring to a boil. Turn off heat, add white linens and let soak for up to an hour. Remove, and then launder them as usual.

3- Prevent fruit from oxidizing (I do this one a lot)

When the flesh of some fruits, such as apples and avocados are exposed to air, it turns them into an unattractive brown color. You can slow this natural oxidation process by squeezing some lemon juice over the fruit.  I do this when I have to make things ahead of time and it works wonders.  You’re welcome.

4- Clean your microwave (Also, uh-lot)

Grease and splatter stains make a mess in your microwave. Clean it by boiling four tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of water — it loosens the dried food particles on the interior surfaces and allow you to easily wipe them away. Genius.

5- Detox.

Juice a lemon and mix it with water. Drink it on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up- this will aid in digestion and give you a great start to your day. Just be sure to drink it with a straw as the acidic nature of citrus can wear the enamel of the teeth.  


6-Freshen your garbage disposal.

Don’t throw away your lemon scraps! Instead, toss them into your garbage disposal to freshen it up and deodorize.

7-Chop, chop. 

Use lemons to clean your chopping boards by taking a cut lemon, rubbing on the surface of the cutting board, and allowing it to soak for 20 minutes before rinsing.

8- Give yourself a mani/pedi.

Skip the spa; raid the refrigerator: Soak fingertips/toes in a shallow bowl of lemon juice for two minutes or so to help whiten stained or discolored nails.

9- Help clear up skin.


  • Lemon juice used on the skin can fight inflammation.
  • The effects of lemon juice are sometimes nearly immediate, especially when the basic problem is oily, clogged pores.
  • Lemon juice works by killing acne bacteria.

Dab clean fingers, a cotton ball or cotton swab in a halved lemon and apply the juice directly to the pimple overnight.


Mix the lemon juice with a bit of honey, yogurt or egg white to help cure acne while protecting your skin.

10- Clean your kitchen. Mix lemon juice and salt together for a fantastic (and all-natural) kitchen scrub.

11- Baking and cooking.  

No details needed here…
So when life hands you lemons, skip the lemonade and try one of these tips instead. 🙂 Happy Sunday y’all!



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