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It’s the Freakin’ Weekend…

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I think most people will agree that Sunday is almost always a bittersweet day.

I love it because, I have the day off so I can spend it doing whatever I want. And I hate it because I know I have to work the next day. 😦


Hey, you win some, you lose some.

I had a busy (and fun) weekend and wanted to share with you some of my favorite moments.


Bryan is on another work trip and as always, I miss him very much – I’ve had friends tell me that I’ll get used to it, but that hasn’t happened for me yet, and honestly, I’m not sure it ever will.  Luckily, this weekend I’ve been staying very busy.  I’ve been dog sitting for three of my favorite little pups (next to Buddy, Lily and Baxter of course).



Three fox terriers – Lily, Andy and Oscar.  Such sweeties.


And as an added bonus…there’s a pool.


Not a bad gig, eh? 

How much do you love my new hat?

I did find some time to go home and see my babies…


And I brought Lily her new present. 🙂 She doesn’t seem too thrilled about it, but safety first Miss Lily.

Today, I went paddle boarding with my friend Rachel.  Rachel is someone who just makes me laugh, she’s also someone that I know I can trust and always count on- she also tells me the truth, no matter what and I respect that in a friend.  I met Rachel while working at Lion Country and we hit it off right away.  She’s actually the one that got me my most recent job at the vet clinic!  I’m very thankful to have a friend like Rachel.  We had a great day.



We got off the water just in time to avoid the storm you see behind us and instead, we watched it while sipping some afternoon beverages underneath shelter.


Weekends like this make me realize why I love Florida.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I sure did. 🙂 But I’m looking forward to seeing Bryan tomorrow. 🙂



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