State College, Pennsylvania

Hello and happy Friday y’all! Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  I had another week chalked full of sickness – I’m convinced I did it to myself last month when I told my coworkers that “I never get sick…” Well guess what? I’ve had the shingles and the flu in the same month. I’m hoping that I’m getting it all over with so I can start 2017 with a clean bill of health (and hopefully go all year)! Fingers crossed.

Toes too.

Oh yeah, did I mention I came down with the flu during my first night on my trip to Pennsylvania to see Bryan’s family?  Fun stuff.  Despite falling ill, we still managed to spend some quality time with Bryan’s family and also do some sightseeing.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip.


Our first stop was visiting the famous Nittany Lion – Bryan’s grandmother joked that this cursed me and got me ill. 🙂


The first day we had wonderful weather (and I wasn’t sick yet), so we took advantage and toured the Penn State Campus – Bryan’s alma mater.

His mom took us to the Arboretum at Penn State.  It was beautiful! Everything was decorated for fall.




We enjoyed spending the day with Bryan’s mom – and she was an incredible tour guide!


Saturday night we went to the Penn State football game.  Penn State was predicted to lose (by a lot!), but ended up coming back in the 4th quarter to upset (then) #2 Ohio.  I haven’t seen Bryan that happy in awhile. 🙂 It was so fun to be part of it.


The next day Bryan and I went on a drive to check out a local winery.  Unfortunately, I still wasn’t feeling well so I wasn’t able to do any wine tasting (a HUGE sign to how I was feeling), but the drive was nice.


Aside from family and friends, something I miss VERY much about living in Idaho are the seasons, especially the fall.  There is something so magical about the multitude of colors, the crisp air, and those last moments of life before everything shuts down for the winter.  It had been almost five years since I’ve witnessed this enchanting time, so it was the perfect time of year for us to visit.



Goodbye for now fall.  Goodbye for now Pennsylvania.






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