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Let’s Talk Groceries.

Two days in a row! Aren’t y’all proud?  Hey, I told you it was New Year’s resolution time and I’m making y’all a priority this year.

You. Are. Welcome.

Just don’t get used to it. 😉 Mwhahhahaha.

Today’s post is all about groceries.  I was inspired to write this post because I often get asked three simple questions: 1) how much money do you spend on groceries every week? 2) What do you typically buy at the grocery store? And 3) What are some common meals you prepare for you and Bryan?


I’ll save question #3 for a separate post and focus on questions #1 and #2 today.

Let’s start with #1…

How much money do I spend on groceries?  Honestly, it varies from week to week, but on average, Bryan and I spend about $75.00-$100.00 a week on food.  And yes, this includes toiletries. 😉

We don’t eat out very often (maybe once a week if I’m lucky) 🙂 so that saves us a lot of money.  Plus, we don’t have kiddos…also saving us mullah.

I’ve talked to several of my friends who have all said that $100 a week isn’t very much money, but I still feel like we could to better.  I know there are several coupon sites out there that I have yet to dive into, so any suggestions would be helpful.  HINT HINT.

And now, #2…

What do you typically buy at the grocery store?  Again, it varies.  I do the grocery shopping for us and I go through phases where I want the same things over and over, then I get sick of them.  I also go through lazy phases where I buy stuff that’s simple to make.  Then there are my cheap phases where I buy everything that’s on sale.  Needless to say, I have some inconsistencies. But I also have several things I buy almost every time I’m at the store – avocados, chips, cheese, eggs, bagels, almond milk, fruit, veggies and OJ are some of the items we don’t usually go a long time without.

One more thing I need to mention…Bryan and I are lucky enough to live just up the street from a local produce market (Rorabeck’s) that’s open year round (we live in Florida, remember?), seven days a week, so I buy most of our produce there, and get our other groceries at Publix.

I just happened to go to both places this afternoon so I can share with you what I bought.


This is a typical weekly purchase from Rorabeck’s.

Today I bought:
Pumpkin Seeds
Orange Bell Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Red Onion
Cherry Tomatoes
Romaine Lettuce
Butternut Squash
Canned Beans
Apple Cider Vinegar

Any guesses on how much this cost me?  No offense, but I’m willing to bet that y’all are way off…


That’s right. A whopping $22.23.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  Now you can see why I go here so frequently.  There have been some weeks when I don’t have to go to Publix, I just go to the market and get produce and we are set for at least another week.

Today I wasn’t that lucky.  I had to stop by Publix on my way home.

What I purchased from Publix:

Pizza Crust
Parmesan & Asiago Cheese
Chicken (for Bryan)
Sour Cream
Greek Yogurt (for me) & Regular Yogurt (for Bryan)
Tomato Paste
Canned peas (for the pups)
Macaroni & Cheese
Ice Cream (my weakness)
Tortilla Chips
Rice Chips
Caesar Dressing
Tampons (sorry guys)

I spent about $60.00 on this trip (sorry, I didn’t get any pictures to prove it so you’re going to have to just trust me on this one).

There you have it, I spent a total of about $82.00 this week.  And honestly, I think all of this food will last us over seven days.  Not too shabby, eh?  Especially considering the fact that I call Bryan my human garbage disposal.  You should see what that guy can put down, it’s impressive.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and hope this helps!  Next, I’ll share some common meals we have in our household. 🙂

Until then…


What’s usually on your grocery list? 

On average, how much do you typically spend on food?








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