Pictures from IdaHOME.

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend so far – and for those of you trapped in those crazy blizzards and snow storms, stay warm!  It’s no snow storm in South Florida, but we did have a chilly weekend – temperatures got down into the 40s!  Hey, that’s cold for us. 😉

Today, I wanted to share with you some pictures from my trip IdaHOME for Christmas.  It was such a special trip for me because I haven’t been to Idaho for Christmas since I moved to Florida four years ago.  It was also very special because we managed to surprise my family by not telling anyone that we were coming – this was challenging but so fun!


This was just after we surprised my mom – she took us out for a late lunch and some cold beverages. 🙂 Cheers!


My nephew Quentin was also very surprised! It was so good seeing him – he’s HUGE!



We made a trip out to visit my grandparents so grandpa could show Bryan his chickens.  He is working on training this one to be in a show.


My nephew Mitchell joined us.


Bryan holding my grandpa’s favorite (and best behaved!) chicken.


The next day Bryan and I took Mitchell skiing and we had a blast! There was a ton of fresh snow and it was snowing the entire time we were there. This was only my second time on skis (I usually snowboard) and my first time skiing with Bryan – he tore it up (that’s ski/snowboard lingo).


I made time to visit some of my favorite people – my best friend Saratops and good friend Mike.


Christmas morning was perfect.  We had a few inches of fresh snow from the night before and the sun shined all day long.




After we opened presents, Bryan and I took a nice walk in the snow. It was the perfect day.


As we grow older our Christmas list gets smaller & we find out that the things that really matter can’t be bought. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I’m so thankful I got to spend time with the things that matter this year.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday season and cheers to 2017 – I’m looking forward to what it brings.


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