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Weekend in Photos

Hello and Happy Sunday y’all!  This post is going to be extra short – I’m dog sitting and unfortunately I forgot my computer charger, so I’m currently running on 8%! Yikes.

But how cute are these pups?


This is Mr Rogers and Sasha – two adorable greyhound rescues.  I adore them.


Time is running out!!!

Here are some pictures from today.


Bryan and I drove about an hour and a half north to Blue Cypress Lake – Blue Cypress is a 6,555-acre lake located in Indian River County. It is a scenic body of water with a shoreline structure composed of cypress and spatterdock.  We saw close to 50 osprey nests and over 100 osprey, which happens to be Bryan’s favorite bird, so he was one happy camper! It was a beautiful day and happens to be my  first time paddle boarding on a lake!

I’ll be back for more (and a fully charged computer) tomorrow.



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