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What I Ate: Day 1

Happy Sunday.  Boy does it feel good to talk to you.  This may sound silly but I miss y’all when I go a few days without talking to you.  It also doesn’t help that Bryan is still gone…

Perhaps I’m going a little cuckoo?

Don’t worry, he gets back in 8 days.  But until then…you’re stuck with me. Mwhahahahha.

Anywoooo, when people find out that I don’t eat meat, they almost always ask me, “what the heck do ya eat everyday then?!” 

Today I’m here to answer that inevitable question.

Here is a quick sample of what I eat in an average day: Friday, May 5.

Breakfast: 8am


12 oz Naked Juice Green Machine
Plain Greek Yogurt with sliced banana, strawberries, chia seeds & honey
Not pictured: 10 oz coffee with almond milk

At work snack: 10:30am
handful of nuts

I’m usually pretty busy at work so I try to bring snacks that I can quickly grab and munch on as I continue working.

Lunch: 1pm


Spinach tortilla filled with avocado, orange bell pepper, feta cheese, white rice & chickpeas
Not pictured: crackers & hummus

I love burritos for lunch because they are so versatile – I stuff them full of different ingredients almost every time I make one. This helps me not get sick of them.  Also, it happened to be Cinco de Mayo on Friday. 🙂

Midday Snack: 4pm
More nuts and crackers

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge midday snacker so I tend to just pack extra morning snacks and munch on them throughout the day if I get hungry.  That being said, I always make sure to have something on hand, because I get haaangry every few hours.

Dinner: 8pm 
I don’t generally like eating dinner after 7pm, but sometimes I don’t get home from work until 7:30p so I don’t always have a choice.  On those nights, I try to eat something a little lighter and avoid heavy carbs.


A glass of red wine & chips & guacamole…

Cinco de Mayo, remember? 😉


Simple Stuffed Pepper.  I made a few extra last week to have on hand for those nights that I get home late and don’t feel like cooking. 🙂

Dessert: a few pieces of dark chocolate.

And more wine….:)

I almost always have dessert. I think it’s so important to reward yourself with sweets! My go-to sweets are usually dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, or ice cream.  And, I may or may not combine them all together. 🙂  Teehee.  I also drink water throughout the day, I usually drink about 60 fl oz. per day and I never drink soda.

There you have it! A sample of what I like to eat. 🙂


And now, because I can’t seem to go a week without sharing…

And because I’m lonely, remember?

Here are a few pictures from my weekend:



Things are coming along quite nicely in the garden! I have some cauliflower and sunflowers starting to sprout!  I plan on transferring them soon.  And we have this adorable little pineapple that’s just about ready to eat!  I’ve been impatiently waiting for Bryan to return so we can share it. 🙂  He calls it the little pina.


I dog sat for my favorite guy (besides Buddy & Baxter of course) again this weekend.  This is him before he realized I was there to walk him.  Ruff life for Brodie.


This morning’s sunrise. It doesn’t get much better than that!  I’m looking forward to seeing more of these in the upcoming months…

Oh wait, I haven’t told y’all! I’m monitoring sea turtle nests this year.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I moved to south Florida, and this year I finally have the opportunity.  Expect lots of pictures of course!

Until next time…


What are your thoughts?  Would you like to see more of what I eat on an average day?  I would love your feedback. 


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