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Let me start today by saying Happy Father’s Day to all the hard-working dads out there-especially this guy.

My dad taught me to waterski, use a hammer, be independent and strong, work hard, be reliable, love the outdoors, never settle, and most importantly, to not take any shit from nobody.  🙂 I’m so lucky to call this man my dad.

No one in the world can love a girl more than her father. – Ratnadeepak

On that note… No recipes today, just some photographs I’ve been wanting to share.


I have about 200 photos of the sunrises and sea turtle tracks stored on my phone now, and the funny thing is, each and every one of them looks so different – they each have their own special beauty depicted in them.



This one breaks my heart a little (okay, a lot).  I found this balloon washed up on the beach last week.  Sadly, I find about 10 balloons each morning – mostly from Mother’s Day and graduation, but this one made me particularly sad because it was from Valentine’s Day.  Meaning, this balloon has been floating around in the ocean for more than 4 months!  Uggggh.  I know people like giving balloons as gifts, but please remember that they not only travel thousands of miles and pollute some of the most pristine and remote places,  but they are also a waste of helium – a finite resource.  STOP with the balloons, there are so many other wonderful, Earth-friendly gifts.



Last week, I also ran into (quite literally) these two blacktip sharks swimming along the tip (see what I did there? Tip… get it? Teehee) of the shore.  I’m not sure if they were displaying breeding behaviors or if they were feeding, but it was pretty incredible to see and watch!



It’s been raining a lot in south Florida, AND I’ve been really busy (as y’all know), so I haven’t done much paddle boarding lately.  Today, I promised myself, rain or shine, I would go.

AND I would also bring the pups…


Because I have been neglecting them – as y’all also know!

It was raining when we got there, but we waited about 20 minutes and had a nice break in the clouds so we went for it.

Watershot Camera

Watershot Camera

Watershot Camera

I think it’s time I got a bigger paddle board! 🙂 Don’t you agree?

Watershot Camera

It ended up being a very nice day – the cloud cover kept the temperature down.  It was so nice getting out on the water again, and doing something FUN!  It had been too damn long…



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