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Costa Rica Part I

I finally got most of the pictures from our trip to Costa Rica downloaded on my computer – after about an hour on the phone with Apple support (insert deep sigh here).

I’ve never been a very “technological person,” but I know how to upload photos from my camera or my iPhone, but something on my phone got switched so everything was going to iCloud.  Yes, I know it’s 2017 and iCloud has been a thing for awhile now, but I’m old school and I love the idea of plugging my phone into my computer and BAM, there are all the photos.

When I came home from Costa Rica and plugged my phone in to my computer…

NO BAM. And NO photos. 

I was panicking.  Luckily, Bryan was able to get most of them uploaded, and the nice people at Apple helped me figure out the rest.  And hey, I learned something. 🙂

Anywooo, back to Costa Rica…


We started our trip in San Jose, where we stayed at a lovely Airbnb and did a zipline tour just outside the city – something I have always wanted to do and I loved every second.  Okay, except for the first few seconds. 🙂


We did a total of 9 lines and each time it got better and better.


After San Jose, we flew (in the tiniest plane on the planet) down to Drake Bay on Peninsula Osa for some time in the Pacific rainforest. The first night we did a jungle night tour and saw spiders, bats, frogs, toads and insane insects. We even saw a Red-eyed tree frog which is my favorite frog ever and I’ve been wanting to see one for a long time.

Photo Credit:

I mean come on! The cutest, right?!  I wish I could take credit for this photo but I didn’t take pictures because it was so dark and I forgot…:)


We stayed at Finca Maresia – a great little lodge on a hill overlooking the Pacific and my new happy place.


We spent a lot of time in the hammocks on the porch watching the scarlet macaws and toucans fly by and the rain in the afternoon.


Our first full day there we walked along the coastline and into the small town. We had to wear rain boots because much of the pathway was covered in mud and muck from the copious amounts of rain they had been receiving.


The following day we took a hike down the hillside to Rio Claro river.


We enjoyed a nice dip in the fresh, clean water (especially since we are used to salt water).


We were accompanied by this sweet pup the entire way.  We named him Scooter. 🙂


Another day (my birthday actually!) Bryan surprised me with a trip to Corcovado National Park, one of the most remote and diverse areas in CR. We spotted 4 species of monkey, a sloth, several birds, a crocodile, white-nosed coatimundis and several other species.  It was unreal.


After the tour, we came back to the hotel and watched this incredible sunset.  I had no idea was about to happen next…


My favorite human on the planet asked me to marry him.  I couldn’t have been more surprised and I couldn’t be happier to spend my life with this guy.

Stay tuned for Part II…

Happy Weekend y’all!


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