An (Unpaid) Review of Blue Apron.

Hello strangers! How are y’all doing?  It’s been awhile…

Okay, it’s been a damn long time and I’m sorry. 😦  I don’t really have many excuses this time.  Honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood to cook…or write…or express feelings…or to be on social media.  I simply needed a break from it all.

And I’m learning that that’s okay.  

Forgive me? 😉

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for One.

Ahhhhhhh yes, it’s finally October, which for most of you means the start of a new season- falling leaves, shorter days, and time to stow away shorts and flip flops and bring out your sweaters and boots.  And for all of us, the beginning of everything PUMPKIN.  Remember, I live in Florida so while I don’t ever swap flip flops for boots, I still want everything pumpkin this time of year.

Let’s be real, I always want everything pumpkin

Now leeeeesten close.  Do you heeeeeer me? 🙂 Make this today, then make it again tonight and again tomorrow – especially if it’s starting to cool down where you live and your smoothie time is running out!  It’s so simple to throw together and quite possibly the most delectable thing you’ll ever put in your mouth.

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